Breakthrough Technology gives you more cooling using less power!

The quality line of Coleman®-Mach® RV Air Conditioners now includes a revolutionary new low-profile model utilizing the latest air conditioning technology. As environmental chamber testing has documented, the new, low-profile Polar Mach offers the best cooling capacity versus power consumption ever supplied to the RV industry!

New aerodynamically styled air conditioner shrouds include weather-resistant condenser coil protection, while exclusive optional 100% condensate water removal allows consumers to avoid vehicle discoloration problems. Heat transfer to the vehicle exterior has also been dramatically accelerated by our new, vertically mounted motor and 17" oversized fan blade.

  • High performance ... a quiet horizontal rotary compressor is the heart of the A/C refrigeration system.
  • Motor and air discharge fan have been matched to provide maximum air delivery (CFM).
  • Refrigeration circuit tubing has been rifled and cross-hatched internally to create turbulence in the refrigerant, improving the system's ability to dissipate heat.
  • Optional solar energy panel for 12 VDC battery maintenance.
  • Optional heater assembly can be added to provide 5,600 BTUs of warm, chill-chasing heat.
  • The condensate water collection pan is constructed of high-density polyethylene to eliminate any possible corrosion.
  • Durable molded polycarbonate fan guard has been impact-tested to 40° F. below zero for reliability.
  • Electrical compressor-starting components are standard equipment.
  • At 1/3 hp, the motor is the most powerful in the RV industry and features a fan canopy to protect against damage from the elements.


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