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We've been making Coleman Mach RV air conditioners for over 45 years, and have produced over 5 million units during that time. All Coleman Mach air conditioners are built in our factory in Wichita Kansas and are shipped to satisfied customers world wide. With our commitment to quality, our outstanding selection of products, and a warranty you can rely on, Coleman Mach is THE name in RV air conditioners that you and your customers can trust. Everytime.

Starting with the first RV air conditioners produced by the Coleman® Co. in 1967, the Coleman Mach brand has a proud heritage of quality, service and innovation. Over the years, we've earned a reputation for producing high quality products with longlasting consumer value. But more than that, we are known for our commitment to developing new and innovative ways to make the RV experience more fulfilling and comfortable than ever before.

For Coleman®-Mach® air conditioners and heat pumps, innovation is a process of assessing customer needs and translating those needs into products. For example, after hearing frustrated RV owners complain about the high energy demands of RV air conditioning, we responded with the Mach P.S. (Power Saver) series. Recently, to address additional customer requests for lightweight, ultra-low profile air conditioners and heat pumps, we introduced our revolutionary Mach .8. series. These units are 8.25. tall and lightweight which increases fuel efficiency through less drag.

It is these innovations that have kept us at the forefront of the industry, and made Coleman® Mach® RV air conditioners a trusted partner to RV manufacturers, dealers and enthusiasts everywhere.